mercredi 21 mars 2012

Dies Nox Ktin Kard Game

Le jeu de Kard se devoile un peu plus,
La première carte de Trèfle est enfin invokée par le Joker en exclusivité sur Facebook.
..... Le Kulte de la nature : La Korne d'abondance....

The  Kard Game is uncover little by little,
The First Kard of Klubs is now summon by the Joker in exclusivity on Facebook.
..... The Kult of  Nature : The Kornu Kopia....

1 commentaire:

  1. Because I don't have a Facebook I'll comment your Kard game here. The only thing I have to say is: I'll do anything to have a look at the complete game !! ;)
    I love all the Kard you've already shown. I enjoy the drawing. You mastered the colors, the details and, give each of them a particular expression.
    The one I love the most, for the moment, is the Nox de Karo (Nox of diamonds) because of the orange/amber colors, the position and the expression of the prayer. Also, he gives me the impression that he is looking to himself while looking down. I am wondering what he's thinking. I don't know why but this Kard really touched me. Maybe because it makes me think about the autumn which is my favorite season....

    Well, it's a very very very good work my dear :)
    Please continue !!